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ARCC is the Area Repeater Coordination Council, Incorporated.  ARCC provides amateur radio frequency coordination and spectrum planning for Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Western New Jersey.  ARCC was founded in 1995, and has continuously served as the region's frequency coordinator since that time.

ARCC is a membership-supported organization staffed by volunteers.  ARCC's primary focus is to coordinate the use of amateur radio spectrum in the VHF, UHF, and microwave frequency bands such that interference by and between stations is avoided.  Federal Communications Commission regulations specifically recognize frequency coordination for repeater and auxiliary link stations.  Although participation in frequency coordination is voluntary, it is well-established that it represents "good amateur practice."  FCC regulations codify that premise by putting the burden of correcting interference conditions on the operators of non-coordinated repeaters and auxiliary links.

ARCC is structured as an open, representative, responsive, and participatory organization which is accountable to the amateur radio community.  While there is no fee to apply for frequency coordination and other services offered by ARCC, including use of this web site, ARCC's operating costs are supported by membership dues.  The organization is staffed by volunteers, many of whom have held FCC licenses for many years and who have decades of experience with amateur radio repeaters.  Members of ARCC's staff include those who work professionally in RF communications fields including cellular telephone, broadcast, two-way radio, and microwave.  ARCC officers are elected by, and are responsible to, the general membership. Membership is open to all, and we welcome the support and participation of anyone with an interest in frequency coordination.

ARCC, Inc.

PO Box 244

Plumsteadville, PA 18949

Latest News


Email to email addresses is currently not working.  Attempts at contacting our host have been unsuccessful.  We will be migrating to another email host shortly, but in the interim, please use the Contact form for communications including buildout notifications.  Applications may also be sent through the Contact form as an attachment.


During the Covid pandemic, ARCC has extended buildout deadlines, put on hold the solicitation of membership dues, and taken other measures to give applicants and members as much consideration as possible during these trying times.  Now, two years later, we are gradually returning to standard procedures:


1.  Construction coordinations are no longer being extended.


2.  Construction coordinations that expired prior to relaxation of policies during Covid have been deleted.

3.  Any construction coordination issued on or after June 1, 2022 will have a normal 180-day buildout period.

4.  Membership applications and dues will be accepted again in the upcoming weeks.  If you or your club have submitted a membership application, please re-submit once it is announced that membership applications are again being accepted.


Repeater "features" have returned to the Notes field in the Repeater Directory listings.  Hovering over the Notes field heading will display a list of common abbreviations used.


The waiting list has been expanded to include applications for new 70cm repeaters in much of ARCC's service area.  Applications for new 2m repeaters continue to only be accepted and processed via the waiting list.  For additional information, click here.

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