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ARCC Board Nominations
Nominations for Positions on the ARCC Board
Are Now Open

ARCC will accept nominations for positions on
the ARCC Board postmarked through Tue. Feb. 21.
Elections are scheduled to occur during the
Wed. Mar. 15 through Tue. Mar. 21 period.


  1. Nominations will be accepted from ARCC Members in good standing as well as from ARCC Coordination Holders.
  2. Nominees must be ARCC Members in good standing.
  3. The nominating form must be filled out on your computer, printed and signed for mailing. With the exception of signature, no handwritten entries will be permitted.
  4. Both page 3 and 4 must be mailed in the same envelope. Please don't mail page 1 and 2.
  5. Write "NOMINATION" on the lower left corner of the envelope.
  6. Mail to ARCC PO Box 244, Plumsteadville Pa. 18949
  7. Non-members submitting membership forms and dues checks should submit them in the same envelope with the nomination forms to insure that they aren't separated from the nomination.
  8. Clubs submitting nominations should remember that we accept ONLY the signature of the club President.
    During the election, clubs holding multiple votes require an attached member list (name, call, e-mail) signed by the club secretary.  NOTE: Ballots, NOT nominations.
The nomination form is found here

We have been unable to establish contact with the
coordination holders or contacts of the following repeaters
K3CSG 146.9400 - Scranton No PL on file
KA3CNT 224.8400 - Cornwall Inaccurate Coordinates
KA3CNT 449.3250 - Lancaster Inaccurate Coordinates
KA3LKM 145.4500 - Wildwood Inaccurate Coordinates
KB3LRA 224.8200 - Bridgeton Reported Off Air
KC2GUM 146.4450 - Toms River Moved without Coordination Modification
KE2HC 224.7000 - Forked River Reported Off Air
N2LXK 224.1400 - Absecon Reported Off Air
N2NF 224.2800 - Barnegat Reported Off Air
N2RDM 224.3000 - Jackson Inaccurate Coordinates
N3SEI 146.8650 - Tannersville No PL on file
N4TCT 224.7200 - Dover Twp. Reported Off Air
W3AVK 146.7300 - Williamsport No PL on file
W3AVK 444.0000 - Williamsport No PL on file
W3HZU 447.2750 - York No PL on file
W3RRR 449.5750 - Lancaster Inaccurate Coordinates
WA2JOC 145.2900 - Liberty Twp. No PL on file
WA3AMI 146.9850 - Milton No PL on file
WA3RYQ 147.3300 - Hatfield Coordinates & No PL on file
WA3ZID 147.0000 - Warrington No PL on file
ALL listed repeaters owe ARCC a completed Repeater Contact Update Form as we have been unable to contact them via E-Mail.

No PL on file indicates that our database shows that your repeater is running with carrier squelch.  Requires a completed Coordination Modification form.

Inaccurate Coordinates indicates that the coordinates shown in our database do not accurately locate to your transmitter antenna.  Requires a completed Coordination Modification form.

Reported Off Air indicates that multiple attempts to access your repeater have failed and it is assumed that your repeater is off the air.  Requires a letter of explanation.

Telling an ARCC rep or E-Mailing us does NOT substitute for the required form(s).  You are required to file these forms due to your failure to do so in the past.

Coordination holders and contacts are STRONGLY ADVISED to contact wb1got@arcc - inc.org ASAP with any questions or concerns.

Contacting us Does Not eliminate the need for you to file the required forms.
One of the conditions of your grant of coordination is to maintain accurate and timely contact information with ARCC via the Repeater Contact Update Request form.

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