Forms and Documents

Completed applications should be e-mailed to the address indicated on the form; do not mail paper forms.  You will receive confirmation that the form has been received, typically within five business days.

Applicants for frequency coordination should read the FAQ prior to filing an application.  There are many common mistakes that applicants make when first applying for coordination that can be avoided by reading the FAQ first.  ARCC can assist you and answer questions prior to your submission.  Applications which are incomplete, flawed, or contain erroneous or misleading information, will be dismissed without action.

General Information
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Recommended reading for everyone applying for frequency coordination.​

ARCC is transitioning to all-electronic form submissions.  Please use the PDF form below for repeater coordination applications in the interim.  Use only the current version of the form (Revision J).
Application Forms
Repeater Coordination Form

Version J

Use this form to apply for coordination for a new repeater, or to apply to make changes ​to an existing repeater coordination.  Certain changes may be requested informally by email - see the Administrative Updates section of the FAQ. 




Auxiliary Link Coordination Form

Version H

Use this form to apply for coordination for a new auxiliary link, or to apply to make changes ​to an existing auxiliary link coordination.  Be advised that auxiliary links may not be operated on repeater frequencies, nor may repeaters be  used as linking "hubs" in lieu of coordinated auxiliary link frequencies in authorized auxiliary link subbands.  This includes ad hoc auxiliary links operating on repeater input or output frequencies from RoIP "nodes".  Use the Contact link above to request an auxiliary link application.

Membership Form

Version C

Membership forms may be submitted by email to the address indicated on the form, with the dues paid through Paypal via the Contact page accessible from the top menu.  If paying with Paypal, be sure to note your name and callsign, and/or the callsign and name of the group you are making payment on behalf of if applicable.  Due to Covid-19 and ARCC's plan to move to all-electronic processing, please do not submit membership applications or payments until further notice.

Technical Documents
ARCC Bandplans

Revision 4

In addition to all other policies, ARCC only issues new coordinations, and approves changes to existing coordinations, that are in compliance with the current bandplans.

Narrowband Coordination Policies

Rev D1

Certain policies and procedures are applicable to narrowband (11.2 kHz or less occupied bandwidth) FM and digital operations which differ from standard wideband coordination policies.  Applicants for narrowband repeaters and auxiliary link coordinations should read this document before completing submitting an application for coordination.